Hello, I Am Declan

Me in Cape Cod last summer I’m Declan, I go to hillside school. I like video games, penguins, skulls, and cheese.  I’m going to keep this blog to tell what I’m doing on my summer vacation. Hope you like it.  Do you like cheese? 


9 responses to “Hello, I Am Declan

  1. Yes, I like cheese too. Or “yo quiero queso.”

  2. sup!!

  3. I don’t like cheese too much, but I do love your website! Excellent job!

  4. I love cheese, but not when it’s stinky. My friend Holly likes stinky cheese though.

  5. Love Cheese! So what does that get me????

  6. Dr. Edgar and I both love cheese. One of our favorite late-night snacks is Gouda cheese on Triscuits. It is the best. I love your blog.

  7. Hey, Declan, this looks great! Your mom just told us about your cool blog. When you get back from Massachusetts, you’ll have to come to Deer Lake with us. I’ll take a picture of you having your toes bitten by a snapping turtle, and you can post it here!

  8. I do love a good stinky cheese. The stinkier the better.

    I’d rather love stinky cheese than be stinky myself like Kevin.

  9. I’d rather be stinky than smell like Holly!

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