Lego Museum

Cool Lego sculpturesToday is July2nd. Yesterday I went to Massachusetts. On the way there we checked out a lego museum that we herd about. It was sooooo cool they had a huge t-rex made out of legos, they had a guy made out of yellow legos who was ripping him self open, and they had a guy made out of blue legos who was building the rest of his arm. There was a ton of other things, they all were awesome!!!


5 responses to “Lego Museum

  1. Well that is very exciting, now you will have to put legos on the Christmas list and make something equally as impressive and you will be the one to do it!!!! Your the best, Love Mom Mom

  2. Hi Declan!

    The Lego museum sounds awesome. Hope you have a great time at the Cape. We were just there last week and had lots of fun. Lucy and Fin loved your and Eamonn’s bunk beds. We’re coming to NJ in a few weeks. See you then!

    Love you,
    Auntie Belle

  3. I liked the man in the mirror best!

  4. Look at my comments above, Love MM

  5. Hi Declan,

    I like the yellow guy best. The museum sounds like so much fun. Does this mean legos for Christmas this year? This is so much fun writing on your blog and seeing everybody else’s comments. You have introduced me to a whole new universe. Love you.

    Love, Grammy

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