this is the beach where I surfedToday is July3rd. yesterday I went surfing at Coast Guard Beach in Nauset Cape Cod. With my new surfboard!! The water was very very COLD that’s why I was wearing my wetsuit.


6 responses to “Surfing

  1. How cool! Make sure your mom takes pictures so we can see. Lucy used your boogie board last week at the Cape and had a ball. Have fun!

    Love, Auntie Belle

  2. That sound like so much fun. I can’t even imagine how cold the water must be there right now.
    Can’t wait to see some pictures. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time on your vacation so far. I’m looking forward to hearing about each new adventure. Tell me more.

    Love, Grammy

    Love, Grammy

  3. Hi Declan,

    Word is getting around that you shouldn’t travel in the New England area without first checking out “Declan10” — the new hip blog.

    Dr. E.

  4. Hi Declan,

    Well I am convinced that there is nothing that ou can’t do. You are a true chip off the old blocks you live with…………………

    Love Mom Mom

  5. whats up declan…
    it sounds like your having lots of fun so far this summer! iam too!when are you all coming down to ocean city for a visit? lacey was just here and grandmom neuman is coming down next week! hope to see you guys sometime this summer!! take care and tell everyone i said hello!!

  6. What a beautiful picture! Did you catch some big waves, dude? Hang 10!
    Aunt Lacey

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