Henna Tattoos


Skeleton bones on my hand

Skeleton bones on my hand


Scorpion tattoo on my arm

Scorpion tattoo on my arm

Today is July the 6th.  Two days ago I got some henna tattoos. My mom bought the kit and my dad did the art. Our friends Jules and Lee came over too.  Jules gave my brother a skull and crossbones tattoo. She is an artist!



Jules, Lee, Me and Eamonn

Jules, Lee, Me and Eamonn


7 responses to “Henna Tattoos

  1. Hey Declan –

    Your tattoos are pretty cool. I heard you had a nice time in the cape. We’ll see you soon.


  2. Hi Declan,

    I was wondering what you’ve been up to the last couple of days. Love the tatoos — just so they’re not permanent (like your Auntie ‘Belle’s!). You are doing such fun things this summer.

    Love, Grammy

  3. Hi Hon,

    Well you are officially a member of the Thall/Basinger tattoo club……. Your uncles have tattoos and your Uncle Jake has one all the way down his arm that spells his name, incorrectly I might add!!!!! I hope it last until I see you again.

    Love, Mom Mom

  4. Hi Declan –

    Very cool tattoos. Your dad did a great job on the artwork. Sounds like you had a blast at the Cape. We went to see WallE on Saturday – I thought it was pretty good. It was Fin’s first movie in the theatre and he was quite restless – he must have changed seats/positions 20 times! 🙂

    Have a great day!

    Love, Auntie Belle

  5. Well well well my friend Declan, what’s next, you gonna go get yourself a big ole hog and ride it to school?

    Seriously nice though. I love the bones….

  6. Hey Declan,
    I’ve just hit on your page..what a super thing to do! I like your tattoos…i would call them “abartig cool”!!!
    I’m excited to watch your summer time.

  7. Hey Declan!
    Very cool tatts! I got a Henna Tattoo one year in Ocean City. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I liked it best when I first got it and it was dark, it looked real. Sounds like you are having a blast this summer!! I’m enjoying reading all about it!
    Keep having FUN!!!
    Aunt Lacey

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