First day at camp

To day is July7th. I had my first day at camp to day. I got back from camp at 2:00. we have 6 periods in a day. First period, I have Drama. Next, I have piano. then, I have making moves. After that, I have drumming and lunch. Then, I have cartooning. Finally, I have clay designing.


4 responses to “First day at camp

  1. OMG. can i go with you?

    i want to drum and make movies too!!!

  2. Hi Declan,

    Well as usual Mom Mom got confused and commented on the wrong site.

    I want to see that movie as well, I was a fan when it was on TV.

    E-mail you again tomorrow.

    Love Mom Mom

  3. Declan,

    Wow! Could you have any more fun? I want to go to camp too!

    Love, Grammy

  4. Can we trade places?!

    Sounds like such a fun camp.

    Love, Auntie Belle

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