Cape Cod Vacation

Me with the snake

Me with the snake


Today is Tuesday, Aug 19th.  We have been on Cape Cod for one week, but my mom only came on Saturday.

One day, me and my dad and Eamonn were biking and we were coming back from the Candy Store and we saw a snake on the ground.  It looked like it got run over, but it was still alive.  So I moved it into the grass.  And we told my Mom, who was still in New Jersey, that we brought it home and were keeping it in a box and feeding grasshoppers.  The next day, we told her that it rained and we brought the snake box inside the cottage, and the next morning, he was gone.  It was so funny!!  She believed us.  Even when she arrived on Saturday, she thought that one day she would wake up and the snake would be on her bed.  Eventually, we had to tell her the truth.  🙂

One other day, I tried to give Eamonn a piggy back all the way to the beach.  It turned out bad.  I only made it part of the way.  It was hard.

Me giving Eamonn a piggy back... sort of.

Me giving Eamonn a piggy back... sort of.


2 responses to “Cape Cod Vacation

  1. Hi Declan,

    I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. I’m so glad you’re back doing your blog — I hadn’t seen any new entries for a while.

    I love the snake story! I bet your mother was having a fit. I know I would. She probably worried the whole time that the snake would end up next to her (or worse ON her). What a way to start her vacation!!

    Well, you tried to carry Eamonn. That was quite a challenge. The photo is really funny.

    I’ve been watching the weather forecast for Cape Cod and it looks like you’re having a good week there. Hope you have a lot more fun adventures.

    Lots of love ,

  2. Hi Declan –

    Love the snake story! Hope you’re having a great time at the Cape. Lucy and Fin say “Hi”.

    Love, Auntie Belle

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