Jet Skiing

Today is August 25th.  Yesterday was my Moms birthday.  The day before that was my parents anniversary we were still in Cape Cod.  Before we left Cape Cod we rented a jet ski.  It was a blast.  Me, Eamonn and Dad went on first and Eamonn got scared so we turned around and dropped him off with my Mom.  Then me and my Dad went out for a long ride.  We were going so fast that we jumped small waves and got sprayed in the face with water.  My Dad let me sit in front so I could drive.  It was scary but awesome at the same time.


One response to “Jet Skiing

  1. Hi Declan –

    The jet skiing sounds awesome! Glad you had a great time. What a fun summer you’ve had. Give your mom a birthday kiss for me and tell your mom and dad I said Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the next week or so before school starts. Lucy takes the bus tomorrow for the first time. Also, she wants everyone to know she lost her first tooth last night.

    Love you!
    Auntie Belle

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